Shipping Engineering Samples [Nov.2016]

An extensible low-latency router for research on IoT, industrial applications, and access networks.

  • Ultra-low latency of 2.5 microseconds
  • 12 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces
  • Supporting Synchronous Ethernet, i.e., frequency synchronization between network nodes to prevent packet loss
  • Xilinx FPGA-based low-latency data path combined with Intel Atom processor for control plane processing
  • Atom processor (1.9 GHz Quad-Core with 4 GB of RAM) runs standard Linux
  • FPGA (134.6 kLUTs, 269.2 kFFs, 12.8 Mb BRAM) is freely configurable
  • Licensed FPGA design is a low-latency IPv6 router/switch that can be controlled by the Atom processor, and might be extended using languages like VHDL, Verilog, HLS languages (C/C++/SystemC), or MyHDL
  • FPGA design flow based on free Xilinx Vivado Webpack – no paid license necessary
  • SDN support through OpenFlow
  • Easy and precise experimentation
  • Prepared for multi-user experimentation
  • Console port, USB3.0 and USB2.0 ports, and SD-Card interface to the Atom processor
  • Support of battery-backed encryption keys for the FPGA design
  • System monitoring and smart cooling to prevent damage through overload or overheating

PCBs of the Engineering Sample (click here for larger image):


Case of the Engineering Sample (rendered CAD model):